The model of joint service provision between SPCSIC and colocating services is to provide the wider community with a more comprehensive and efficient service and ensure a spirit of mutual support and professional co-operation prevails. When on site the staff of colocating services form part of the team at SPCSIC. Enabling colocating services to operate at a low cost from the building allows SPCSIC to provide services that benefit the local community and enables greater access for clients to various services. SPCSIC offers office space, meeting and training rooms.

Our current colocators include:
Why Colocate at 878 Point Nepean Road?

By colocating at SPCSIC you are situated at a service that is the first point of call for local residents in need of your service. SPCSIC has a highly successful rate of referral to colocating agencies and while Southern Peninsula residents can be reluctant to seek support from secondary services, referral through SPCSIC at the Rosebud location carries a client confidence component that results in highly successful engagement with clients.

The infrequency and scarcity of public transport services on the Southern Mornington Peninsula makes it extremely difficult for clients to access services around, or outside of the area. 878 Point Nepean Road is located on the main bus line and is easily accessible for local residents.

You can colocate your service at SPCSIC for a half day a year or 5 days a week – as little or as long as your client needs require. This enables you to start to build your client base slowly, without having to commit to the costs of renting a commercial space.

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